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Professor (titular professor) Michal Chorośnicki, PhD, has been the head of the Chair of Strategic International Relations from its formation in 2009, prior to that of the Department of Strategic International Relations (2002-2009). He is a lawyer by profession and obtained his Masters Degree at the Faculty of Law at the Jagiellonian University. He comes from the group of the first PhD graduates in political sciences open in the Institute of Political Sciences at the Jagiellonian University.

His scientific interest have ranged from problems in African nations and other non-aligned states (PhD thesis in: “The Activities on Nonaligned States – the Role and Meaning of African States”) to the military politics of European nations.

In summer 1973 he took part in an internship at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London. During his long stay in the USA (1978-1984), he was a scholar of the Ford Foundation and Professor employed by the Southern Connecticut State University, Nev Haven, CT and the Albertus Magnus College. At the same time, prof Chorośnicki was a part-time lecturer in the Concilium of Area Studies at Yale University. Within the Concilium, he took part in gathering data and publishing a book entitled “Arms and the Africans” developed in a team led by prof. Henry Binea, who was working on a research project which resulted in the publication of the book having the same title in 1984.

His academic journeys to the USA and his stay in numerous American educational institutions as a guest professor (he spent altogether over 6 years performing this function) culminated in publications on various aspects of US politics, particularly military politics. The most important book during that period was his thesis on political sciences and international relations entitled “The USA and Sub Saharian African Nations in the 1970’s”. The new edition of the book called “Non-commitment Movement in World Politics 1961-1992” was the continuation of this trend.

His scientific co-operation with American institutions led to changing the focal point of American politics and strategy on both a local and global scale. As a side trend from the mid 1980’s prof. Chorośnicki became interested in the phenomenon of terrorism, although not being his main sphere of research, it is an important part of his interests. Apart from various articles, prof. Chorośnicki wrote a book entitled “Terrorism-Analyses and Facts”. Actually it is a student’s handbook for classes on Legal and Political Aspects of International Terrorism.

In recent years, the interest in world and US strategy has led to the publication of a few items on strategic conditions of the processes of economic integration based on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and US military politics. One of the successes was the National Polish Scientific Conference called New Strategies for a New Era- Limits and Possibilities of Regional Integration organized by his Chair.

Prof. Chorośnicki has many years of experience as a lecturer of International Public Law, and International Trade Law for students of Political Sciences and International Relations. He holds significant academic and research achievements gained during his numerous journeys abroad. He has promoted 18 PhD theses and has reviewed many other works.

Nowadays prof. Chorośnicki is a member of numerous scientific associations amongst others The London Institute of Strategic Studies, the Polish Society of Political Sciences and The Polish Academy of Learning (Faculty II in History and Philosophy, Committee of Warfare and Military History).

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